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Wanderlust Leather Earthing Sandals

Custom handmade earthing sandals made from 100% genuine leather.

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Based Footwear

Reconnect to the Earth in style!

100% genuine cowhide leather sandals handmade by a bear in the midwest. Custom made to your feet with adjustable straps. The next best thing to going bearfoot.

earthing sandals

Earthing Shoe Order Form

Shoe Styles


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After submitting this form, payment details will be sent to you.

After payment is received please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

Please also be sure to measure twice, as a “perfect fit” is not guaranteed, however the shoe is adjustable with the laces.

Also note that if you order the child-sized shoes, a tracing of the child’s feet will be needed to be sent to the address in the invoice. A tracing is not necessary for the adult sizes.