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About Living Heritage Goods

Hi! I’m ‘Wanderlust Bear’!

Thank you for checking out my website. I am a young woman living in Eastern Minnesota with my family of nine. I graduated highschool in 2022, and now this business is one of my ways of earning some money while I’m still at home. I named my business Living Heritage Goods because I want to make things that reflect my heritage, and that will be heirloom quality to last for years to come. I have a deep desire to learn how people did things long ago and to bring life back to old crafts and ways of doing things.

I love doing hands-on crafts and creating things that are useful to myself and others. One of the ways that I express this is through leatherwork. All of my leather products are handmade with love and care by me. I don’t have a leather sewing machine or any electrical machinery for leatherwork, so all holes are hand-punched, all straps are hand-cut, and all patterns are hand-traced. This allows for each product to be a unique, beautifully handcrafted item that will last much longer than a similar, factory-made item.

Since I have many interests besides leatherwork, I may be adding more products to my website in the near future. I am considering things like sourdough, yogurt, and kombucha starters; organic and natural soaps; hand-spun yarn; needle-felted animal figurines; vegetable seeds; and even things like homemade bread. Please subscribe to my newsletter to be updated whenever I release something new to my website, and let me know if there are any products that you are specifically interested in!

The Blog

Unfortunately I cannot be regular with my blog posts due to my ever-changing schedule, but with my infrequent blog posts I will be writing about God, life, new projects I am working on around our 1/4 acre homestead, new additions to my shop, and more! Please subscribe to get notified when I make a new blog post.

Disclaimer: I am a follower of Christ and I love to learn more about God’s Word all the time. I have some rather unconventional beliefs because I do not follow any denominational teachings, but I do follow the Bible and what it says. Therefore, some things I might say in my blogs may be offensive to some readers, Christian or otherwise. I pray that you will receive anything I have to say on these topics with an open but discerning heart, and that you will not feel a need to angrily tell me in the comments how I am wrong. I love civil discussions however, so feel free to respectfully tell me your thoughts in the comments section of my posts. 

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